Matches can be booked on any of 3 River Trent fisheries – Fiskerton, Rolleston or East Stoke – subject to availability. Pegs are priced at £4 each and there is a minimum booking of 10 pegs. Matches can be arranged for weekdays as well as at weekends.

At the Fiskerton fishery, tackle can be dropped off behind pegs before vehicles are returned to the designated parking area. There is ample parking close to the river at both the East Stoke and Rolleston stretches.

If you would like to arrange a booking or make an enquiry please contact the Match Secretary – you can use  the online contact form.

Once booked and paid for the Match Secretary will issue a Match permit as shown below:

Please read the Match booking conditions and rules in this permit before committing to a match booking.

Subject to Match booking conditions and rules, permission is granted to fish a match in Society waters as follows:

No alteration to the number of pegs requested or venue etc can be made WITHOUT PERMISSION in writing from the Match Secretary. A request for such changes must be made at least 3 weeks before the date of the match.

The match will be of SIX hours duration ONLY. No breaks in the six hours will be allowed, unless they are included in the total six hours. All fish will be weighed in the peg of the competitor, and returned CAREFULLY to the water. No club or competitor will take ANY fish of any species or size away from the water.

The bailiff for the water is Len Duckworth, who is available on 07814  999563 BEFORE 8pm.

Clubs will contact the bailiff on the Thursday before the match to confirm peg allocation and to give the approximate time of arrival. All pegs requested must be paid for in advance.

The bailiff has NO authority to increase the number of pegs unless he has the permission from the Match Secretary of the Society.

Please ensure that all anglers are familiar with the Rules. The Society reserve the right to withdraw any permit from any club or association and any contravention of the rules and conditions may result in a ban on the visiting club in future.

Please return the Match Report to the Match Secretary, as soon as possible after the match.