Access to the river will be made by recognised footpaths only. Crossing of fields is NOT allowed even if there appears to be a path in the field. Cars will be parked in such a manner as not to interfere with any farm vehicles along any lane, and will not be parked in front of gates. NO VEHICLE WILL BE TAKEN OVER ANY LAND. Coaches will deposit competitors at the nearest convenient spot, and the coach will then be taken to a suitable parking place where it will not interfere with any farm vehicle, or cause any traffic hazard. If left unattended a note will be left in windscreen of the vehicle giving the name of the club and where their driver can be located. Tackle may be dropped off behind pegs at Fiskerton before vehicles are parked in the designated parking place. The parking places at Rolleston and East Stoke are close to the river.


The visiting club will be held responsible for the collection and taking away of all litter from their allocated section. Particular attention will be paid to the collection of plastic containers and nylon. The Visiting Club will be held responsible for all DAMAGE incurred to property or amenities during the time they occupy the section.


NO dogs are allowed. NO radios, NO fires, NO firearms, and NO wandering over fields.


All competitors must be in possession of a current Environment Agency Rod Licence BEFORE fishing.


Single hooks only are allowed on Society Waters.


In order that the minimum of disturbance is caused to anglers during the match by speed boats and skiers, it is suggested that all matches be completed by 3pm. Any interference by boats exceeding the speed limit of 6mph BEFORE 3pm, should be reported to the Society giving the names and numbers of the boats, EXACT time and location of the offence and as much detail as possible. The names of at least TWO witnesses should be given.


This permit is NOT TRANSFERABLE.